Posted on: May 9, 2009 10:48 am

The Union? MLS Philly Could've Done a LOT Better

So MLS Philly has announced the name of the expansion franchise that will begin play next season...the Philadelphia Union.  They chose the name "Union" due to Philadelphia's role in the founding of the country, as well as the labor movement. 

Why they would want to do ANYTHING to link themselves to labor unions blows my mind.  While unions were once a good and necessary thing in this country, they have become as evil and corrupt as the corporations that they claim to stand up to.  In many ways, they've become corporations themselves.  And the damage that the unions have done in Philly far outweighs any good that has been done lately.  For example:

--A big reason that the city is in such dire financial straits are the excessive salaries, benefits, and pensions for the public employees unions (which should be outlawed anyway)
--The city has lost millions in business over the years due to excessive union regulations, territorial disputes between unions, and the "cost of doing business with the unions" (ie bribes and kickbacks)
--Philadlephia has a wonderful Election Day tradition of union goons tearing down campaign signs of opponents and threatening (and sometimes attacking) campaign workers and voters who support their opponents
--The unions have bought their way into city government and the city's Democratic Party (which has monopolistic control of Philadlephia) in order to get no-bid contracts and other benefits, costing the city millions of dollars over the years.

So yeah, I really want to be associated with THAT.  As far as acknowledging the city's role in the founding of the country, I would have much preferrred it if they had referenced the American Revolution.  The name Revolution would have been my first choice, but unfortunately it's been taken, and MLS is not the CFL (with their Sabercats and Saber Cats).  I would've been happy with two of the other names being thrown around, either Independence or Freedom, or working the name "Athletic" into it, in honor of the Philadelaphia Athletics.  Apparently they decided against Independence because they were afraid that newspapers would shorten it to "Indies", which i have no problem with (I mean, is anything taken away from the Yankees, Red Sox, Canadiens, or Celtics when they're refferred to as the Yanks, Sox (or Sawx), Habs, or Celts)?

And unfortunately, they're also going with an American-style sports name (location followed by nickname) as opposed to a traditional soccer-style name, such as Athletic FC (football club), or Indpendence AC or Freedom AC (athletic club).  One of the great moves that MLS has been making over the past few years (along with bringing top European teams to take on the MLS All-Stars instead of a traditional All-Star game, and building small, soccer-only stadiums) is the push to give their teams traditional soccer club names (FC Dallas, Real Salt Lake, Chivas USA).  So they dropped the ball there, too.  It just could've been done SO much better.
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